Goodlite – Solar Panels – 24 V 390 Watt

  • Goodlite Solar Panels have Low-Temperature Coefficient to prevent Efficiency Loss in High Temperatures.
  • Best MONO PERC Solar Cells with Best In Class Conversion Efficiency (Panel Converts More of the Sunlight into Electricity),
  • Made to Withstand Most Extreme Weathers Like Rain/Snow.
  • Durable Low Iron Tempered Glass With Anti-Reflective Coating (Panel traps Sunlight to Improve Efficiency).
  • Fast Curing, Highly Reflective, and Enhanced UV EVA Encapsulation Enhancing the Durability and Performance.
  • Sturdy and Light-Weight Aluminum Alloy Frame.

Product Details

Product Features

Made of Superior Material

Strong Aluminium Alloy Frame

Wide Range
(40 – 390 Wp)

Performance oriented Products

Silicon Cells with efficiency more than 17%

Product Applications

Domestic Inverter/UPS Systems

Hotels, Banks, Offices

Emergency Lighting

Solar & Wind Power Storage

Elevator Back-ups

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